Our biggest goal is for our business and financial services to allow for clients to learn to "do it right the first time."



We focus heavily on taking our clients through the full business cycle; from market research, to business planning, to marketing strategy and design, to sales strategy and support.  We believe all of these components are deeply integrated and essential for having a successful business or service regardless of the size of your company. 

We also provide one-on-one personal financial consultations, treating your personal finances as if it were a business.  We emphasize helping clients identify their short and long term goals, understanding their assets and liabilities, guiding them to build workable budgets, encouraging and providing the right tools to start their own business, and ultimately regain control of their future. 

Finer Finance 101 was founded because of the lack of affordable business development and financial service options.  There are many companies out there that focus specifically on marketing, or on sales, but very few that take ownership of your product or service through the full cycle as a Project Manager or McKinsey consultant would.  We hope to become that missing solution for you, but make it affordable.  We also hope to help better educate you on the business cycle or your personal finances and ultimately empower you.    


Start Up and Small Business Consulting

Finer Finance 101 works closely with start ups or small businesses in need of business development and/or marketing support.  Our expertise lies in taking ownership of the full business cycle for your service or product.

Personal Financial Consultation

Finer Finance 101 provides for a customizable and personalized personal financial consultation.  Although it is important to cover all basic financial topics, we tailor your session with us to focus more on your particular situation.